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I’m jeanette white

Welcome to Aspire Connect 

Enabling Your Aspirations

Facilitation and Training

Customized workshops for personal and professional development

Workshops, business planning, strategic planning, business development

Business Consulting

Business plans, project development, feasibility studies, project evaluation
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15 years experience Government and NFP sectors

excellent customer service

customized solutions

attention to detail

Business Consulting

Development, business planning, strategic planning


 Community Planning

Strategic Planning 

Master of Ceremonies

Capacity Building

Grant writing skills

Understanding Strategic Planning Processes


Training for Community Groups

Forums and Meetings

Project Development and Planning

About Me

Hello and welcome. I’m Jeanette White.

My strengths are in bringing people together, verbal and written communication, seeing the bigger picture and helping others to make connections between disparate ideas or concepts. Communication, visioning, analysis and always with one eye on the desired outcomes.

Aspire Connect does a variety of things and everything we do involves engaging with people and helping them connect with others, themselves or assisting them to join the dots. Whether this is within a community or across communities or even across sectors involving a multi agency approach, engagement and participation are key drivers.  

I  facilitate, consult, engage, partner, inform, collaborate, lead, plan, create, and manage, as well as design and deliver customized training solutions.

I have over 15 years experience in local government and not for profit organisations in areas of community consultation, facilitation and engagement, community planning, strategic planning, arts and cultural development, project management (including capital works), festivals and events, marketing and promotion as well as fundraising. I have worked in small business, and for the Victorian State Government in regional roles and have extensive networks.

I help you to bring great projects and ideas to fruition, providing and gathering expertise to help you deliver your desired outcomes. I do this in a way that builds on your passions and can actually make a difference in the world.

Here at Aspire Connect, I tend to attract people who are thought leaders, seeking to make a difference in their community, business, not for profit organisation or personal world, even if they don’t realise that this is what they are doing.

I hope we can meet one day.



“Excellent seminar that answers all my questions and gave me the tools to prepare a strategic plan.

A great course to do for any group planning to do a strategic plan or update one”


“Excellent and experienced. Knowledgeable presenter.

Well presented, succinct, articulated well, logical, great inspirational facilitator”


“Very professional, interactive, respectful, concise and effective.” 

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