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Shh, They're Sleeping


A friend of mine received some good news this week- she had been shortlisted for a job that she had applied for, and was really keen on.

Her delight was short lived however as the process unfolded.

The recruitment company invited her to participate in an online interview process, but not a Skype call or the like- no, an electronic interview!

And it went like this….

She sat in front of a computer screen, was given a short practice session to make sure she knew how it all worked then… It started!

She was given a short amount of reading time for each question (1 minute) then a certain amount of time to answer the question posed by the computer, as a clock ticked down on the screen and tells you when you are out of time! My usually confident friend was a long way out of her comfort zone and left feeling disillusioned.

Given the competition between organisations for high quality talent, I find this approach puzzling. Investing resources in getting the best person for the job is money well spent.

Would you work for this organisation? What does this tell you about their values?