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Grant writing, grant story, project scope

Grant writing requires creativity!

Do you want to see your grant application go to the top of the pile? Have you ever  heard this before? “It is a good/great project, but  there were others that were just a bit better. We had so many applications but not all of them could be funded”. Get the edge. Get YOUR project funded by following a few simple steps when writing your grant story.

One of the best ways to demonstrate that your project is THE project of choice for funding is to BE CLEAR ABOUT THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT.

So here is the key:

  • Get to the point quickly- don’t include 6 years of history of the project right up front.
  • History is important, but grant makers are really only interested in the history if they are interested in funding your idea- so put the idea first, and then a brief history about how it came to be (this can sometimes go into the “Why” section)

Start with a clear succinct statement that says exactly what you are going to do with the money.  This is your project description or the “WHAT are you going to do”. Start with an elevator pitch opening statement like ” This project is to develop a community garden in the centre of Bilney Park in Croxley. The garden will be used by a diversity of user groups who have worked together over 2 years to develop a shared vision for the garden.”  You get the idea. Then you give a bit more detail as directed by the word limit in the application form.

To describe the scope of your project, you have to have really thought clearly about what you actually want the money for and how you are going to deliver the project in a practical sense. It is important to get straight to the point. Grant assessors are busy people usually, and you need to make their job easy by telling them up front about the scope of your project.

Also be clear about what is IN and what is OUT of scope of the project. Concentrate on what it IN SCOPE and be realistic about what you can achieve with the money you are seeking.

If you can do this, you will be “above the red line” every time and your great project will get funded.

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I offer individual advice and workshops to community groups and organisations to maximize grant seeking success. I also assist small organisations to establish grant programs. Contact me if you are interesting in attracting funds to your organisation or group.

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